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  • Sustainable Migration Solutions

    কানাডার সরকার বৃহস্পতিবার চিত্তাকর্ষক শৈলীতে নতুন এক্সপ্রেস এন্ট্রি বছরটিকে উৎখাত করে, 449 নম্বরে কম স্কোর সহ প্রার্থীদের কানাডিয়ান স্থায়ী আবাসনের জন্য আবেদন করতে 3,900 টি আমন্ত্রণ প্রদান করে।

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  • About The Sustainable Migration Solutions

    Sustainable Migration Solutions offers an unparalleled expertise in study, tourism, residency and citizenship investment programs, and works in collaboration with an international network of immigration practitioners’ world wide, particularly in Canada and USA.

    Our unique team of expertise and immigration professionals have decades of experiences in the field, and have collaborated with multiple stakeholders such as governments, immigrants’ investors, immigration practitioners and lawyers.

    To keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of global business immigration, sustainable migration solutions have the ideology to support and offer a wide range of study, residency and investment programs.

    These programs provide high-net -worth individuals with opportunities to gain greater mobility, a second place of residence for themselves and their families, broader educational opportunities for their children, and a safe haven for their assets and their loved ones.

    The increase of demand along with competition to attract high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs has increased in the last decades, with many countries opening their borders to foreign investors. SMS international expertise enables us to collaborate with governments that wish to implement or modify their business immigration programs. Our team has long history of working with governments to assess their programs and provide advices.

    However, our top priority is to contribute to the communities and families by providing avenue of opportunities to live, thrive and lead a sustainable life. Besides making business sense, we have also expanded our interests in disseminating United Nations migration policies and practises. We also strongly support the inclusion of international migration as an important component of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Why we are different

    • Image Intern-disciplinary team of expert.
    • Image IRCC Regulated Immigration Consultant.
    • Image A conglomerate of Immigration Policy Specialists.
    • Image Internationally Recognized Team of Canadian and USA Lawyers.
    • Image For Accountability in Business Services.
    • ImageTo secure sustainable future for our client’s.
    • ImageValue Drives Service where people can live thrive.
    • ImageSmooth Immigration process and transition to a new life.